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BOOGIE 2 SHOOZ - Gardiner, Maine

Boogie 2 Shooz is comprised of musical entertainers, Patti-Jean Cousens, and Pamela Jenkins. This “high-energy jazz duo can rock the house or sweep you away with a sweet love ballad.” (In Newsweekly, 2005) Combining vocals, traditional instruments, (saxophone, flute, percussion and keyboards) with music technology, this duo presents a visually, and musically exciting performance, supported by a full and colorful sound.

Shooz’ extensive repertoire of Swing, Latin, Jazz, Blues and Contemporary Music, allows them to reach a wide spectrum of musical tastes, and touch all ages. The audience can “kick back” and enjoy the show or “kick out” and boogie! “The air will be charged with warmth and laughter and you WILL be “moved!”

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